Перше правило бізнесу – чини з іншими так, якби ти хотів, щоби чинили з тобою (Ч. Діккенс)

The license on providing the insurance activity issued by Public Commission by financial services of private assurance market regulation

Series АВ № 546943

Insurance of railroad transport

Series АВ № 546944

Insurance of medical expenses

Series АВ № 546945

Health insurance on the case of disease

Series АВ № 546946

Insurance of  civil responsibility  of the above-ground transport (including the carrier’s responsibility)

Series АВ № 546947

Insurance of the responsibility before third persons (except civil responsibility of above-ground transport owners, responsibility of air transport, responsibility of water transport (including carrier’s responsibility)

Series АВ № 546948

Insurance of  financial risks

Series АВ № 546949

Insurance of fire-related risk and acts of God.

Series АВ № 546950

Insurance of  credits (in this case also responsibilities of  borrower in case of nonredemption

Series АВ № 546951

Insurance of  luggage and baggage

Series АВ № 546952

Insurance of   above-ground transport (except railroad transport)

Series АВ № 546953

Insurance in case of accidents

Series АВ № 546954

Insurance of   property (except railroad transport, such as above ground, air, water and other types of transport)

The license on providing the insurance activity issued by Public Commission by financial services of private assurance financial market regulation

Series АВ № 546936

Insurance of civil responsibility of Ukrainian citizens, which have got in legal ownership guns, and who can make damage to 3rd persons or its ownership  in the result of use this gun.

Series АД № 039912

Insurance of    civil responsibility of transport owners

Series АВ № 546937

Insurance of   responsibility of freight in case of negative consequences by freight.

Series АВ № 546938

Insurance of   gather of agricultural corps and other plants of state agricultural enterprises, gather of crops and white beet, planted by agricultural enterprises by all forms of property.

Series АВ № 546939

Insurance of   civil responsibility of business entity by damage, which can be caused by fire and accidents on the risked positions, including fire dangerous objects, and objects, activity of which can lead to ecological accidents, as accidents of sanitary and epidemiological character.

Series АВ № 546940

Insurance of civil responsibility of  nuclear installation damage, which can be caused in the result of nuclear accident.

Series АВ № 546941

Personal assurance from transport accidents.

Series АВ № 546942

Personal assurance of departmental security workers (except those who works at the establishments and organizations financing by State budget of Ukraine), rural fire protection service and voluntary organizations.