Перше правило бізнесу – чини з іншими так, якби ти хотів, щоби чинили з тобою (Ч. Діккенс)

Every insurance company have a target to create the balanced insurance portfolio, providing of financial activity and profitability of own actives. But serious business competition on the insurance market not giving the possibility of choosing more propitious risks, that’s why insurance portfolio can have high risked objects. Reassurance is a protection from big material losses of the company. This is a special system of insurance market, which can help the insurance agent to realize own targets, such as use the potential responsibility by total insurance coverage n accordance with reserves. That’s why reassurance is one of the obligatory conditions of providing the insurance protection, guarantying of all liabilities by insurance case and leading financial stability and liquidation of already completed actives, creation of profitable insurance funds and reserves.
Reassurance not only protecting of the Insurer but also helps to protect the Indemnities, workers of insurance companies from dismissing, stock holders from income decrease, etc.

Reliability of insurance protection of the Private joint-stock community “Insurance company “Kashtan” clients is providing by qualities reassurance programs on the Ukrainian and international markets.
we are offering to our partners indemnities:
- Reliable facultative and/or obligatory reassurance
on favorable terms for both parties;
- Proportional and non-proportional reassurance protection;
- Guarantying payment of insurance benefit;
- Executive quote and risk accent;
- Professional consultative service in the reassurance field;
- Respectability in relationships.

For the period of existing of the company, were connected good partnership relations with more than 80 state companies.

Insurance company has tight contact with insurance and reassurance brokers, what allows developing large and specific risks on the Lloyd's market.

Success and reliability of reassurance protection proves fast and effective loss indemnity.
Successful experience on the insurance market of Ukraine, “Kashtan” company loads its activity on strengthening business competition advantages in today’s conditions continuing in future, using not only high technologies, but creates individual service, which satisfies needs of all the partners in reassurance field.